How to Negotiate a Better Cable Package?

The business world is becoming more competitive than ever. It has forced global businesses to go beyond their means to keep their customers happy. One way of doing that is by offering their customers additional services, perks, and discounts on their products and services. The race in the field of cable TV and internet is also quite intense. This is why you would find almost all the TV cable and internet service providers offering their existing, potential, and returning customers with additional perks. Unfortunately, not many people know about these offers and discounts.


Most of the consumers are generally happy with the service they receive. However, there are many others who have the intent to probe their service providers for better services and offers. Trust us when we say it is a lot better to be a probing customer than the ever-satisfied customer. You never know what you are going to get if you inquire about any available discount offers by the company.


This is what this article is all about. We will guide you about how to negotiate a better Cable TV package. With so many players in the arena, today’s consumers are living in a world of deals and discounts. The rise of services like Hulu, Netflix, and SlingTV has put cable companies on a hot seat. The internet and cable TV providers now offer more value to their customers than ever. Let’s get on with our guide to help you negotiate a better cable TV package from your service provider.


Contact Customer Retention Representative

As more people are looking for better cable TV packages and deals, the service providers have installed employees who are specifically tasked to keep existing customers from bouncing over to other service providers. These officials are provided a list of top-notch offers that are hard to ignore. Since companies offer these officials special bonuses for each customer they retain with the company, it is always a great idea to contact them. To avail these special deals, you need to call your customer retention representative. Following are some of the things you should negotiate with the customer retention representative.


  • Faster Internet plan
  • Free phone line
  • Better DVR
  • Broadband upgrade
  • Discounted movies


Stay Updated

As a customer, you should always be on top of your game to stay updated about the new deals and discounts and their expiration dates. If you are an aware customer, you will seldom find yourself in a situation where you have to pay extra money because your deal had expired the last month. Always keep in mind that most of the companies offer discounts and other perks in six-month intervals. The truth of the matter is that a huge number of customers are typically unaware of the expiration dates of their discounted packages. Soon they start receiving a bigger bill, which raises their eyebrows sooner or later. It is always a great idea to keep in touch with your service provider every three to six months so that you are fully aware of what exactly is going on. You might find a deal that actually provides you more value at your current monthly bill.


Keep an Eye on Other Service Providers

It is always recommended that you should keep an eye on what other cable service providers are offering. Every now and then, they come up with new deals and discounts that can really reduce your monthly bill or offer more services at current bill. Whenever you come across a promotion from other service providers, the first thing you need to do is to call customer care of your existing service provider and ask it to beat that promotion. In most instances, customers generally get a better deal when they discuss such promotions with their existing service provider.


Make the Most of Bundles

Despite many myths surrounding bundling, we would still recommend you to go for it. Bundles allow you to pay less for more and better services. If you are someone who has a separate service provider for phone, internet, and other entertainment services, you should explore bundles offered by your service provider as well as its competitors. Bundling is more likely to allow you to have access to a bigger chunk of entertainment while saving good bit of money on your monthly bill. Like others, XFINITY also offers its customers to play around with different sets of packages that include internet, television, and voice. You can explore more bundles on our website.


Always remember that no cable service provider likes to lose its customers. It means bundling puts you in a powerful position where you can better negotiate your package.


Avail Contracts

Cable service providers love those customers who are ready to put their name on the dotted line. This can be another strategy to have a better deal with your service provider. If service provider knows that you are ready for a contract commitment, it will agree to provide you a far better deal than the existing one. However, always consider the point that getting into a contract might take out of the equation the option to cancel at any time without a penalty.


Keep Probing

Rejection is an essential part of negotiation process. You don’t always get what you want and that is absolutely fine. The good news is that you always have the option to call your company again and ask for a similar package. It does happen that one customer service agent might agree to offer you the same package that the other might have rejected. The point here is to keep probing and communicate with your company’s customer service department again and again as long as you get the desired deal. If you come across a stubborn customer care agent, you always have the option to ask them to connect you with their manager. The good thing about contacting managers is that they always have a better deal to offer. Customer service agents generally don’t have the power to amend your contracts or make changes in packages, but that’s not the case with managers.


The Concluding Remarks

As a customer, you always deserve a better deal. It totally depends on how far you want to go to get your desired package. Make it a practice to keep in touch with the customer service department of your cable TV service provider. You never know when you hit the jackpot and get all your desired services in a better package. If you want to discuss better packages or bundles, you can always contact us at (833) 255-1238.