How to not Pay International Roaming to AT&T?

Are you a frequent international flyer? If yes, you must be wary of international roaming charges on your AT&T phone. This is quite natural since any of us can be nervous about paying extra charges to use AT&T phone on a foreign soil. The truth of the matter is that not all the people have even a small idea about how much they will have to pay in international roaming charges.


Now as the question arises, do you really know what AT&T international roaming charges are? If your response is negative, this article is where you will find out all the relevant information about the AT&T International Roaming Charges. So, let’s get on with it.



AT&T International Calling Plans

While you plan your next international business or leisure trip, knowing the international calling and roaming rates should be part of the process. Thankfully, AT&T allows its customers to manage their cell phone plan prices while they travel abroad. Whether you have an unlimited package, prepayment contract, or any other AT&T wireless plan, you should always keep in mind the actual cost for international roaming. If you don’t pay heed to this little but important detail, you might end up spending more than your travel budget.


AT&T International Day Pass

It’s time for good news. AT&T allows you to take your AT&T wireless service to over 100 countries around the world. Get International Day Pass and you are good to go. In this case, you will only be paying for the days you would use it. The best part is that you will get unlimited minutes to over 100 countries as well as in the United States. Moreover, you get unlimited texts for the whole world. If you have a network sharing scheme or AT&T Unlimited, you use the data on the contract. What it means is that you will have access to unlimited internet while traveling. All you have to pay for International Pass is only $10 a day.


AT&T Passport

Whether you are traveling for a week or more, you can take the AT&T Passport that serves in more than 200 countries. Actually, you can take the liberty and spend more time abroad since the AT&T Passport covers you for the whole month with talk and text facilities. The package starts at $60 for 1 GB of data.


North America Roaming

AT&T has special packages designed for the individuals who are planning to travel to Mexico or Canada. You can take your AT&T Unlimited Plus EnhancedSM or Unlimited Choice EnhancedSM plan to these countries. As it suggests, you get unlimited talk time and texts along with links to data n your schedule. Similarly, Roam North America can also be applied to various wireless plans.


Pay Per Use

If you don’t have an international phone contract or if you are moving to a country that is not covered by your plan, the pay-per-use prices will take effect. The company doesn’t offer low prices for pay-per-use. However, any of these ideas can help you manage your mobile bill according to your budget on foreign trips.


Switch Off Mobile Data when not required

During international travels, money matters a lot, especially, when you have a budget roof to protect. The best way to deal with this limitation is by switching off your mobile data roaming when you don’t need it. You can use any local service to cut down on internet expense. If you are using the International Day Pass, you can save the mandatory $10 charges by not using the service. The best foot forward is to use your phone’s built-in application for texting, rather than using iMessage, Skype, or Hangouts. These third party apps also consume data and can result in increased bill.



Traveling to another country also comes with unexpected expenses. However, you can make sure that your mobile isn’t one of those. Your AT&T connection gives you multiple options to save on your internet usage during foreign trips.


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